Getting started

5 minute guide to setup development environment.

Download theme

You can download the theme from GitHub. Download it as zip and extract into /wp-content/themes/. Rename with your site.

Setup theme

Theme setup is done only once in project’s lifetime. Do it before modifying any files.

  • Open the terminal and go to theme’s directory (like cd wp-content/themes/sitename)
  • Do the setup wizard by running this command: sh
  • Follow instructions:
    • Set site name (Default: “Aucor Starter”)
    • Set unique id for your theme. Use only a-z and _. The shorter the better. (Default: aucor_starter)
    • Set local development url for Browsersync. Can be changed in /assets/manifest.js (Default: https://aucor_starter.local)
    • Set author name is shown in default style.css (Default: Aucor Oy)

Install tools

Every developer does this before first time working with the project.

  • Open terminal and navigate to /wp-content/themes/sitename
  • Run yarn install (fetches all node packages for build tools) (no yarn? install yarn here)
  • If you haven’t used Gulp before, you need to also run npm install –global gulp-cli

As for plugins, you should install Aucor Core.

Start working

  • Open terminal and navigate to /wp-content/themes/sitename
  • Run gulp watch to activate build process in background. You’ll get development proxy at http://localhost:3000 where changes to code will be updated automatically to browser (no need to reload).
  • To quit press ctrl + c
  • If you make a syntax error in JS, do manifest.json changes or Gulp faces some issues, you may need to quit Gulp and run gulp watch again.

Protip: Build all the resources with running gulp without watching.

Then what?
Read more about the architecture of theme.