Always improving. Aucor Starter grows from every project we build. We fine-tune features, remove unused ones and add new ones.

Tailor made. We don’t use 3rd party style libraries like Bootstrap in Aucor Starter.

Maintainable code. We build websites to last. That’s why some features are separated to centrally updated plugin, Aucor Core.

Speed up development. One great goal has always been to remove unnecessary steps from starting a project and making good default styles for various repeating features.

Open source. Aucor Starter is open source theme with WordPress’s default GPL license. There is no open and closed versions. We in Aucor Ltd use this same theme in our projects.

Components + WordPress

Aucor Starter has its own component system that combines the best parts of WordPress’s template parts and regular PHP functions. This way, you can create functionality that can be used in multiple projects and are free of current page context, if you want.

Render and pass arguments

All components can be either rendered or have the markup returned as a string. Components take arguments in one array so you can have as many or few arguments as you want.

Easy to create and extend

Components are based on a common abstract component class that holds the basic functionality. Each component has backend function that handles the data and a frontend function that renders the HTML markup. You can nest components, too.

Influenced by the classics

The roots of Aucor Starter are in the Automattic’s classic Underscores theme. A lot has changed but you can still see the influence of Underscores here and there.

Sage by Roots was our inspiration for organizing assets and dist in the past. Our Gulp process has been build from Sage’s example.

Gutenberg by default

Aucor Starter uses Gutenberg by default and is built to use the best parts of the new editor. We disable a lot of blocks, style variants and settings to give developers more power to tailor the Gutenberg experience.

Uuups by Sami Keijonen has been a great help figuring out how to handle Gutenberg related defaults and styles. In some things we have gone our separate ways but we found us agreeing with many things in Uuups. Unlike Uuups, we no longer block the default

Plugin counterpart

Aucor Core plugin has some features that Aucor Starters need to operate fully like localization, plugin default settings, security hardening and speed optimization.


The documentation and setup guide is hosted in file at Github.